The Jessup Competition is able to run smoothly due in large part to the dedicated work of volunteers. Volunteers may assist with the preparation for or administration of the Jessup Competition and may also serve as bailiffs. 

If you are interested in becoming a Jessup volunteer, read the information below and contact the National Administrator at jessup.italianrounds[at]gmail.com

Who is a 'bailiff' in the Jessup Competition? 

A Bailiff is the key to a smooth and successful oral round! A Bailiff's main responsibility is to make sure the court room is running on schedule and procedures are followed. Other important responsibilities include: setting up courtrooms, meeting with teams and judges, distributing score-sheets, and observing that rounds are conducted fairly. 

Why should you participate as bailiff? 

Volunteering is great opportunity to get in touch with the Jessup community, even if your university did not registered a team to compete in the competition. In particular, you will get the chance to: 

  • Network with students and esteemed practitioners of International Law;

  • Witness how international legal arguments are crafted and deliberated;

  • Participate to our opening event on Thursday – Roundtable with Jessup Italy sponsoring firms;

  • Participate to our social events on Friday and Saturday evening;

  • Gaining insider knowledge about the Jessup Competition, in view of a possible participation as Team member in the next edition of the competition.

What kind of committment is expected from volunteers? 

Given the important role of bailiffs in the competition, our volunteers are expected to take their role very seriously. This entails, in particular: 

  • To Read carefully the materials provided by the organisation, and familiarise with the following documents to be used during the competition:

Are there costs associated with the participation as volunteer?

We highly appreciate your availability to help with the organisation of the Jessup Competition, and for this reason your participation all events is free of charge.

Nonetheless, if travelling from outside the location where the competition will take place, volunteers will be responsible for covering their own expenses. If of interest, the administration of the Italian National Rounds will put you in contact with other volunteers to arrange sharing costs of accomodation.