How to start a Jessup Team

If you are a student and you are interested in participating in the Jessup competition, you should first of all check to make sure that your school does not already have a Jessup team. To do so, you can contact the Italian National Administrator at jessup.italianrounds[at]

If your university does not have a Jessup Team, the Italian National Administrator will help you to get in contact with a school representative (usually a professor of international law) who can assist the team throughout the Competition, serving as a general resource for support and information. 

You can start with sending emails or arrange meetings with potential Team Advisors to introduce yourself and the Competition, ask to set up an in-person meeting, and ask for recommendations of other individuals to contact in the event that the invitee is unable to serve as an advisor. At the in-person meetings you arrange, you should discuss the Competition in more depth and determine whether each individual will be able to effectively serve as an advisor for your team.

In case no one at your university will be available to serve as Team Advisor, the Italian National Administrator can also put you in touch with a Jessup alumnus or other “Friend of the Jessup” in your area with whom you can consult about starting a team and competing for the first time, or who may be willing to coach your team remotely.

The next step will be to advertise among your fellow students that your school is forming a Jessup team and recruit potential Team Members. To this end, Team Advisors may organise a Presentation Meeting, inviting students enrolled in international law classes or related subjects.

Remember: starting a Jessup Team may seem hard at first, but a Jessup Team is composed of 2 to 5 students only... you can do it!