How to select a Jessup Team

Once the decision to start a Jessup Team is taken, if more than five students wish to compete, selection will need to be organized to determine the best students to join the team.

Modalities for the selection process are at the discretion of Team Advisors and faculty members and each university may independently set different requirements.

If compatible with the available timeframe, it is advisable to ask candidates:

  • to provide Team Advisors with a CV and Motivation Letter (results of exams may or may not be taken into consideration) - to get to know students' background and motivation;

  • to prepare a short essay on a given topic or sit in a short exam based on reading and analysis of a text (e.g. an extract of an ICJ decision) - to assess students' analytical skills and written English,

  • to prepare a given topic for oral discussion or to participate in a motivational interview - to assess students' presentation skills and overall English knowledge.