How to register a Jessup Team


Any law school, law faculty, or institution with a degree program in international law is eligible to participate in the Competition. Each school may only enter one team to compete, unless the Executive Office determines that extenuating circumstances justify the participation of multiple teams from a single school (e.g. law schools with different departments located in different cities).

Students pursuing a law degree or a degree related to international law at an eligible school may compete on behalf of that school so long as they are enrolled at least part-time and have not engaged in the practice of law after graduating from another law degree program. Team Members may be pursuing different degrees: for example, in Italy it is possible to have a mixed team, with students pursuing a law degree (giurisprudenza - scienze giuridiche) and political science (scienze politiche).

Affiliation is not required for Team Advisors.

Special Permissions

Some students must also obtain the ILSA Executive Office’s written permission to participate if the Official Rules so require.

In general, special permission is necessary when a student:

  • is enrolled as a visiting or exchange student rather than as a degree candidate, or is otherwise enrolled at more than one institution; 

  • is serving as an extern or apprentice in lieu of attending class; or 

  • has already received a graduate degree or post-graduate degree in a legal field (e.g., LL.M., J.D., Canadian LL.B., M.Phil. (International Law), Juris Master, Ph.D.); or 

  • is enrolled in a program of study leading to a post-graduate degree in a legal field (e.g., Ph.D., D.Phil.).

Special permission is not necessary when students only completed an undergraduate degree (laurea triennale).

Registration Process

In order to register for the Jessup Competition, a representative from the team (a team member, team advisor, or team contact) must:

  1. Complete the online Jessup Registration Form, which is made available each year on the ILSA website
  2. Complete the payment of the Registration Fee - Registration fee must be paid in U.S. Dollars. Acceptable forms of payment include a check or money order from a United States bank, bank transfer, or credit card (Visa, Master Card, or American Express only). In case you may decide for bank transfer (bonifico bancario), please note that the system will automatically provide you with all the necessary information (account holder, account no., etc) at the end of the registration process;
  3. Register all individual Team Members and Team Advisors - Team Members are regisitered under the "Profile" link on your Team Homepage. Team Members cannot be changed by a Team once registered, To request a substitution, send an email to, making sure to include an explanation of the circumstances justifying the substitution.Deadline for registration is indicated each year by the ILSA in the Official Schedule of the Competition.
Registration fee for Italian teams is 650$ (590$ if the competing university has a registered ILSA Chapter).

Teams which intend to compete in the Italian National Rounds do not need to comply with additional registration requirements. Registration on the ILSA website will automatically enroll you in the Italian National Rounds when more than one team from Italy registers for the Jessup Competition. Nonetheless, it is advisable to contact the National Administrator as soon as possible in order to inform Jessup Italy of your intended participation and receive support during the registration phase.