2007 Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition

The Case Concerning the Rotian Union

The Republic of Adaria (Applicant) and the Republic of Bobbia, Kingdom of Cazalia, Commonwealth of Dingoth, State of Ephraim, and Kingdom of Finbar  (Respondent) appeared before the International Court of Justice to address their differences in the Case Concerning the Rotian Union. 

The case addressed violation of minority rights, international legal personality of international organisations and immunity of their representaives, and expropriation.

2007 Italian National Rounds

Only one Italian team competed in the 2007 Jessup Competition, representing:

  • Universit√† degli Studi Roma Tre 

The 5th edition of Italian National Rounds therefore did not take place.

2007 Italian National Rounds - Results

Italian National Champion 2007 - Universit√† degli Studi Roma Tre